Many foreign men and women can take advantage of escort services to have a colorful and memorable trip to Italy.

Escort services characteristic and description

Most rich men prefer to see beautiful, well-groomed and young girls next to them, who can not only add to a man’s solidity, but also entertain him at any event. Elite escort girls with experience in this business cope with this task. All the girls are unique and have their own characteristics, talents and various external data. Only by comparing the pros and cons of hiring European and Russian models, can you understand which girl you need as an escort.

In today’s world, escorting is a kind of fast and at the same time high-paying business. The work can truly be considered a profession.

As in the professional activity, as well as escorting is so to speak “promotion”.  A girl with an ideal figure, well-proportioned face and higher education can count on high-class pornstar escorts, with the possibility of quick and big earnings.

What does this mean? High-class escort agency «Russian Escort Club» provides wealthy clients with spectacular companions or companions. That is, young girls or guys accompany a rich companion to various events, it can be as a business meeting or a charity event, as well as travel, leisure with further sexual direction.

A high-class escort requires a lot of intellectual knowledge in order to be able to maintain a conversation at the right moment, to interest both the client and society. To be attractive, well-groomed and well-mannered. A variety of skills and attributes are important (singing, dancing and playing musical instruments). Also physical ability, knowledge of several foreign languages and ability to conduct a dialogue.

Escort services are moving to a new level and Italy is becoming a popular destination for escorts.

Traveling with a high class escort

Often Russians in Rome accompany the client on holiday, helping to relax and enjoy the beauty of magnificent Spain.

On holiday, a companion will help share the fun, unforgettable experience or help complete the image of a successful and confident man.

Travel is usually accompanied by fun and noisy parties or social events, night discos, national holidays, where the girl shows all his knowledge and skills in communication, as well as entertaining men. Good conditions on the client’s side are accompanied by: a luxurious hotel, gifts, an interesting holiday programme, visits to popular restaurants and cafés.

Meals are served in the most expensive restaurants in Rome, such as “La Pergola” with its panoramic windows through which you can see the beautiful capital of Italy, Rome. Where you can sample Italy’s most famous pizza.

There is the option of accompanying the client on yachts, boats or cruises. Enjoy the beautiful view and pleasant company. Travel on the Tyrrhenian Sea, visit the most luxurious beaches:

Santa Marinella;



Lido di Ostia.

For such purposes, the potential client chooses a companion: punctual, not capricious, independent and adequate, who is able to please in everything.

Russian escorts in Italy never ask unnecessary questions when traveling. Their main goal is to make a good impression and make the trip together the most comfortable, pleasant and unforgettable in all its manifestations.

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