The concept of sexuality is one of the most complicated, especially among young adults. The reason is that sexuality is not as binary as we’ve believed. You might be born a male, and along the line, you identify as a female because over time, you’ve come to explore your sexuality, and thus you are better a female than a male. 

Sexual orientation is one of the means of understanding your sexuality, such that the more you explore your sexual orientation, the more you begin to understand your sexuality better. Young adults, however, have the possibility of first identifying with their birth-assigned sexuality. Although there could be the possibility of a misbalance, when they come across the concept of sexual orientation, and they begin to explore their sexuality, there’s a probability that most become bisexual. The main reason for choosing this sexuality, however, is not because they lack the understanding of their explicit sexuality, but because it allows them to explore their sexuality as much as they can until they can fully ascertain which works for them. So, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, they remain bisexual until they find it, and most times, they remain bisexual. 

On the other hand, some young adults have chosen to be bisexual because while they explore their sexual orientation with bisexual porn, it gives them a pre-imposed opinion of what they should identify as. Some young adults are such that whatever they learn from porn is what becomes their next line of action, so the more bisexual porn they consume, the higher the possibility of them remaining bisexual. However, it is worth noting that there’s nothing wrong with being a bisexual. It is regarded as the bedrock on which other sexualities are formed because it contains the first two gender, the male and the female. Nonetheless, it should be noted that until you have fully explored your sexuality, and you are sure of whom you are, it is much safer to identify as a bisexual. 

Hence, another reason young adults identify as bisexual is to keep their options open when it comes to the topic of relationships. Some people are such that they will never want to have anything to do with you when they find out you don’t share the same sexuality as them. So, one of the sexualities that helps keep the option open for you is to identify as bisexual. So, you might meet a woman you feel attracted to today and have sex freely without any complication, and the next day, you meet a man and still have sex. So, identifying as bisexual helps you keep your options open at all time and give you the possibility of being in multiple relationships without having to worry about what the other person thinks. 

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